The Apps

“The Pork Wing” – Breaded and fried chunks of boneless pork shoulder tossed in chipotle peanut sauce, served over chili lime sweet potato fries. - $9

“The Taquitos” – Flour tortillas filled with ground chorizo, shredded cheese and red onion jam, fried golden crisp and served with our chipotle ranch. - $7

“The Poutine” – A mound of fresh hand cut fries seasoned with our secret fry spice and topped with real cheese curds and our signature 494 poutine gravy. $7

“Sweet Cream & Bacon Fries” – Our hand cut french fries topped with crumbled bacon, sweet cream and scallions - $7

The Mains

“The Burger” – Flat iron grilled ground chuck patty, honey roasted red beets, bacon and fresh dill and yogurt sauce on a toasted kaiser with butter lettuce, thick sliced tomatoes and a homemade dill pickle - $10

“The Reuben” – Corned beef brisket on thick sliced marble rye with braised red cabbage, swiss cheese, grainy Dijon and tomato pesto mayo. - $10

“The Banh Mi” – Hoisin peanut glazed chicken on a soft baguette with marinated matchstick carrots, cucumbers, fresh cilantro, butter lettuce and a spicy sriracha mayo. - $10

“The Roti” – Mango and tamarind pulled pork with fried potatoes, curried peas and carrots, mango chutney and herbed yogurt wrapped in an Island style Roti. - $10

“The Noodle” – Gluten free rice noodles stir-fried with mixed vegetables, ginger spiced chicken and toasted peanuts, tossed in our signature Green Ginger sauce and topped with fresh lime. - $10

“The Taco” – Sesame crusted local perch, marinated wakame, diced Kalamata olives, pickled ginger and wasabi aioli wrapped in tortillas and topped with shredded butter lettuce. - $10

“The Pita” – Grilled Moroccan spiced chicken wrapped in a warm pita with curry yogurt, mango chutney, tomatoes, butter lettuce and goat cheese. - $10

“The Burrito” – Pulled Barbacoa beef brisket, black bean refritos, guacamole, pico de gallo, shredded cheese, lettuce, mexi rice and sour cream. - $10


Please contact Chef Mike to see what's on the current menu as the items can change daily.


494 Mission Statement


As the food truck industry continues to grow, more trucks are emerging with theme based menus and ethnic concepts.  While this clearly states what a food truck has to offer, we feel that the limited menu options and narrow customer base that comes with that approach can be a downfall.  Being able to cover more ethnic and culinary genres gives 494 a larger audience and wider array of ingredients to choose from, which is why we incorporate a fusion of cuisines from around the globe.  This concept took us to the creation of “The Best One of Everything”.  When you come to our truck you order from a menu that cites options like: “The Burger”, “The Reuben”, “The Burrito”, among others, and the ingredients and themes change regularly and seasonally.  We assure you, though, that whatever your choice, it will be the “best one” you’ve had!

Below is a sample of some dishes we have created.  Although they are not always available, they do rotate in and out based on events and seasons.  Find us on the street to see what's available today!